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[Brasil Wellness Centre's Yoga Instructor, Roberta Toews-Cruz is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Therapeutic Yoga practitioner]

"Yoga gets us to focus our minds on remote parts of our body—like tight joints and muscles—as we gently but firmly deepen into our poses. For people like me, meditation proves difficult because our mind wonders. But if we can concentrate on the tension in our hips as we empty our mind, then we are well on the way."

                         - Dr. Oz,

Class schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am 7:15am   7:15am  
  5:30pm   5:30pm 6:00pm

Please note: yogas classes on Tuesday and Thursday morning require a reservation one day in advance. Contact us here to make a reservation.

Our classes are led by certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Roberta Toews-Cruz.  

Here's a little more about Roberta's extensive background in Yoga Instruction and Fitness:

(Yoga Teacher Registration# at Yoga Alliance- 62889)

*200 hours- Hatha Yoga Instructor (Dan Clement-Open Source, December 2010)

*50 hours- Continuing Education (Clara Roberts- The Art of Sequence, September 2011)

*72 hours Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (Susi Hately, June 2012)

Four Courses taken: -Kinesiology of Yoga -Therapeutic Yoga Intensive -How to teach Restorative Yoga -Improve your ability to see


*This is your Brain on Yoga - 2 hours with B. Martin – November 2011

*Contact Partner Yoga - 2 hours with C. Brandt – November 2011

*Releasing the Spine - 2 hours with M.Young – November 2011

*Pain and Healing - 2 hours with Susi Hately – November 2011

*How to develop programs for cancer Survivors - 2 hours with Susi Hately – November 2011

*Working with lower back pain – 6 hours with Susi Hately – November 2011

*The Knees – 2 hours with Susi Hately – November 2012 *Therapeutic Yoga – 8 hours with Susi Hately – March 2013

*How to get Unstuck- Online training – with Susi Hately –October 2012 *Mechanics of Breathing - Online training – with Susi Hately – March and April 2013

Personal Athletic Endeavors Brazil:

*Eco Challenge 36km Adventure Race (Team of Two)-Tingua, Brazil – November 2005

*Corridas Dos Fortes (Running of the Forts)-Rio De Janeiro-Brazil- 2005

*Eco Challenge 35km Adventure Race (Team of Two)-Areal, Brazil -2006

*Eco Challenge 35km Adventure Race (Team of Two)-Paraty, Brazil-June 2006

*Eco Challenge 35km Adventure Race (Team of Two)-Tingua, Brazil-November 2007


*Spartan Race (5 km)-2011

*Warrior Dash (5 km)-2011

*Warrior Dash (5 km)-2012

*Tough Mudder (23 km)-2012

*Vancouver Sun Run (10 km) -2012

*Fort Langley Half Marathon (23 km)-March 2013

*BCABBA Provincial Bikini Contest-May 2013

*Tenderfoot Boogie (50 km)-June 2013

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